5 must have Ideas for a Wedding on Trend

Cérémonie laïque

Would you like to plan a truly out of the ordinary wedding? Discover all of the new trends with us.


Le Glamping Mariage

Are you dreaming of creating an atmosphere both elegant and casual? Look no further! The new Anglo-Saxon trend which is making its mark in the wedding world might just be for you: Glamping. Glamping is a mix of two words: the first syllable, glamour juxtaposing the second of ‘camping’. It is about escaping into nature without forgetting your comfort or beauty. The concept joins three principals: a general natural environment, the countryside, a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere, and a place where all of your wedding party can sleep.
You must therefore find a vast space for your reception on which you can install well-equipped, large tents with soft and clear tones, and in chic and warm fabrics.
The interior of the tents will be furnished with real beds or at least good quality mattresses, and decorated with sheets, cushions, pillows, plaids, rugs, flowers, candles, and lanterns..
When it comes to camping, you really live an exceptional experience, exciting and intimate at the side of your family and friends who will not forget such an adventure!


Save The Date Label' Emotion

You want to break away from the traditional conduct of announcing the J Day: Opt for a save the date.
The save the date (Invitation to reserve the date of your wedding), overseas is a simplified invitation sent to your future guests before the official announcement, indicating the names of those concerned, the date of the marriage and often nothing more.
The goal is to communicate the exciting news, create original content for your chosen image, and to avoid the event that those who are important to you already have prior engagements by the time that you send the official announcement.

A Wedding Unplugged

In a world ultra connected where everything is so quick and it only takes a few seconds to send, share, tag, or like an Image, it is very pleasant to live in the full moment, the emotions, the smiles, without hiding behind a device. You share the same thoughts? Then you will love the new trend of a wedding unplugged!
Unplugged literally means disconnected: the objective is not to forcibly forbid and prevent your guests from taking some photos for memories, but more to enable them to really make the most of the day, the special moments and the emotions without being glued to their phone. The more time people spend behind their devices, the less time they spend enjoying your big day.
It is therefore about defining before your wedding that at some moments, photos can be taken. If you ask politely, the majority of your guests will respect your choice.
This concept therefore privileges the work of your photographer, and allows you in some years to come when you look back on your day together, to relive the emotions, to see the tears, the smiles and the laughter on your faces, rather than the electronics which will not last!

Pastel Geometric Patterns

Another trend already on the pages of Vogue and which will still be in the news in 2018, is that of geometric patterns and graphics associated with pastel colours. Numerous are the brides and grooms who succumb to the other side of the Atlantic, so why not you? Especially when the outcome can be so beautiful!
Geometric forms can be found everywhere: on the wedding dress, the table decorations, the walls, the announcement, the entrances…
What is also extraordinary about this theme is that it allows you to create various elements of decoration by hand, for example origami and paper art. So if you wish to innovate and surprise your guests, don’t hesitate to choose a geometric wedding which is original, stylish, and which could not be more modern.

A Secular Ceremony at Night

Have you always wanted to put some magic into your secular ceremony? Organize it at nightfall! The secular ceremony is rapidly becoming more popular in France as it allows couples the possibility of designing a ceremony completely in their image which is personalized with the text and music of their choice, diverse interventions to move their loved ones and bring great moments of happiness.
However, in the imagination of numerous bride and grooms to be, the ceremony is always held during the day and in full light and warmth. Why not break this repetitive tradition and opt for a nocturnal version of this moment of love and communion? Just imagine for an instant the romanticism of this choice!
On the beach, in a forest, in the countryside, what could be more romantic than the moment where the sun sets slowly, leaving you and your guests submerged in the moon and the stars…
Certainly, this would demand a little more organization: Naturally, you must be mindful of the safety of your guests by clearing access to paths and providing light with a multitude of candles, tealights, lanterns, and fairy lights, but also foresee that as night falls, dew can settle. So on each chair; why not place a little cover for your guests?
Finally, what could be more fantastic than to give your ceremony a nocturnal backdrop, with the departure of the bride and groom through a shower of sparks, a release of celestial lanterns or magnificent fireworks?
Without q doubt, you would create an unforgettable memory!

And your ceremony, how do you see it?